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SLRN - Command line News reader


    SLRN is a news reader from the command line (the equivalent for Pan under Gnome).


    Once launched, the program displays a list of news groups. The Enter key allows you to select a group.
    Everything is controlled with the keyboard:
    • s allows you to subscribe to a group
    • u removes a subscription
    • L to show unsuscribe groupe
    • / to search a group

    • ? to display help
    • # to mark one or more files, for download
    • Alt-# to remove mark on a message
    • : to launch download of selected files
    • c to mark all messages as "read"
    • Alt-U to mark all groups as read
    • Alt-< to go to the beginning of the list
    • Alt-> to go to the end of the list
    • ...


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