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Hello, welcome to my Website.

📰 Last news

  Home (Sunday, 18. October 2020)

     Home page design improvement

  Generators (Friday, 07. August 2020)

     Added 24x32 format for small and large square sheet generators, as well as handwriting learning sheets (standard and on seyes lines), and gurvan

     Update of the mathematics exercices generators. It is now possible to choose whether or not to display the equal sign.

      Addition of a new math exercise: Two-digit subtraction

     Generator to learn how to write on Seyes lines updated
     Three new fonts added
     Generator translated in English.

☕ French Humor

Si Dieu descendait sur la Terre, tous les peuples se mettraient a genoux, excepte les Français qui diraient : ' Ah ! Vous êtes la ! C'est pas trop tôt ! On va pouvoir discuter un peu ! ' Lord Balfour