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Hello, welcome to my Website.

📰 Last news

     Updated Gurvan line generator. It is now possible to choose whether or not to display vertical lines.

     Updated the exercise generator for writing numbers in digits

  New math exercice (Sunday, 10. September 2023)

     New exercise of writing numbers from the number written in full.
     The exercise can be found on the page of generators for school, it is called: Number writing exercise generator

  Blog (Saturday, 09. September 2023)

     Updated blog tag management

     New article on the blog to wish you a good start to the school year and to provide news about generators
     I reviewed the modifications made to existing generators since last year
     I also took advantage of this article to present the new generators implemented

☕ French Humor

Si l'on y réfléchit bien, le Christ est le seul anarchiste qui ait vraiment réussi. André Malraux