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Hello, welcome to my Website.

📰 Last news

     Updated my library for creating PDF files for sheet generators.
     This update is a global one, do not hesitate to send me a message or a comment if it causes problems.
     This update is part of the site upgrade.

     Added new page formats for dyspraxia sheet generators
      Formats are available on both generators (sheets and writing)

     Updated dot sheet generator
     New page formats are now available

     A small article with evolution of generators since the last school year.

     Updated writing learning generator.
     A font in capital letters added by the request of users, to facilitate the first writings.
     This font displays arrows to help the child when he writes the letters.

☕ French Humor

Ma femme et moi avons été heureux vingt-cinq ans; et puis, nous nous sommes rencontrés. Sacha Guitry