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SSH through a proxy

It's easy to user SSH over a proxy. For that, you have to use corkscrew tool.
For this to work, change the SSH server configuration to listen on a port authorized by the proxy server (often 82).

Corkscrew installation:

    Via synaptic:
      Corkscrew package installation.
        apt-get install corkscrew

Corkscrew configuration:

    To configure corkscrew, go to .ssh directory, and create a file named "config" that contains the following lines:
      ProxyCommand corkscrew myproxyserver 3389 %h %p
    Host contains the IP address of remote server (the one that we want to go)
    Proxycommande contains the name of the proxy server (here myproxyserver) and the port on which he listens..

Connect to distant server

    Connexion will be done via ssh command: ssh user@server, or ssh -p 555 user@server if we choose to open port 555, for example instead of port 22 for SSH server.

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